Friday, 16 May 2014

Chasing the Sun

Chasing the Sun

The mid afternoon sun came streaming though my sisters bedroom window while we were lounging around on Easter Friday afternoon. It was the perfect opportunity to take some snaps of summer dresses and contrasting light as the hot summer weather came to a close. xo
See inspiration for this post below
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Friday, 9 May 2014

Inspiration - Chasing the Sun Shoot

A few of my favourite pictures capturing people lazing around and reading books in the sunlight. I thought of these pictures while photographing my Catching the Sun shoot.
P.S. The outfits in the 'Catching the Sun' shoot (coming soon) are inspired by the outfits worn by the girls in the opening scene of Avicii's 'Wake me up' xo

Sunday, 4 May 2014

For Love & Lemons

Inspiration Post

I recently came across the brand 'For Love & Lemons' and not only do I love all their clothes... 'if only I had money to burn' but the photographs of the collections are exquisite. While scrolling through their blog and drooling over the clothing, photographs and the locations they shot in I decided to share a few of my favourite snaps. xo
Photos 1 - 13 by Zoey Grossman, featuring model Carola Remer 
Photos 14 - 17 by Henrik Purienne, featuring model Anastasia Krivosheeva 
Photos 18 - 22 by Zoey Grossman, featuring model Hailey Clauson