Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Doodling ~ Creatures and Flora

I have discovered a trend over the last few years as my exams approach, I seem to have an endless list of things to do besides study. 

I start playing those computer games from onemorelevel.com that I loved as a child.  I'll find a new book or series that just happens to steal all my time. Or I'll flick through my sketch book and start new artworks of finish old ones. 
I know this is formally known as procrastination  but if you excuse the occasional computer game I find I actually do lots of production things in this 'study' period. 
To rest my case here are some doodles of a collection of things I like (flowers, elephants, babushka dolls, pixie like creatures... moon, sun, dream catchers & cacti....) 
I just happened to do the majority of this before my last exam period and after studying for my art exam today I felt inspired to finish it off. 

Keep scrolling to see my inspiration for these doodles.

P.S. let me know what you do to procrastinate.  

xo Jewel 

Doodle Inspiration

Photos from tumblr - I think image 2 & 4 belong to Pony Gold 
Photos 6 & 7 are mine from Angkor Wat Temples, Cambodia
Used these images as inspiration for doodling in my sketchbook 
xo Jewel