Thursday, 26 June 2014

Tuula 2013 Video Diary

Tuula 2013 Video Diary 

I highly suggest you watch Jessica Stein (Tuula Vintage - tuulavintage) 2013 Video Diary ^. 
My sister showed me her blog in 2011 and I have been checking it regularly for the last few years. 
Her style is awesome, I especially love her outfits from a couple of years ago. 
She travels to the most amazing places and after watching this video I am tempted to buy a plane ticket to anywhere in the world and explore. 

Friday, 20 June 2014

Disposable ... yet irreplaceable

Disposable Cameras I & II

Town Houses Paddington   

Found a cute blue garage door in a random Alley in Paddington  

Chained Bikes - I love how the bikes are Green and Yellow and the wall behind them is Lime coloured 

Freshwater Beach 

Walking on the rocks in stormy weather

Summer Surfs

End of the Road

Brother reading in the Sun

Cloud Control - Newport Arms 6.4.14

Dock at Clareville Beach 

I always admire this little house up the street from where I live. It is so cute and as the sunsets it makes cool plant shadows on the garage door. There are chairs and a BBQ on the front deck and the people have chilled gatherings in the Summer. I had one shot on my camera left so I decided to take a photo of it on my way home.

I purchased a box of 6 Disposable Camera's in the Summer Holidays for $30, I have had my first two lots of film printed and I am happy with how they worked out. Its lots of fun playing around with the cameras. 
These are a few of my favourite pictures from my first 2 disposable cameras. 

Friday, 13 June 2014

'Howdy, Y'all'

Austin, Texas 
I recently read an article about Texas ‘Howdy, Lone Star’ in Issue 69 of Yen Magazine.
I have never taken much interest in travelling to Texas, but after reading this article I have an undying sensation to travel to its capital Austin.
I will say no more but merely let you read the article for yourself.
I have attached it below, let me know what you think of the article :)
P.S. if you are looking of a magazine to read, I highly recommend Yen, each time the next issue of my subscription arrives in the mail, I am filled with excitement, as its contents never cease to amaze me!

Monday, 9 June 2014

Art - Blind Contour Drawing

Blind Contour Drawings 

Art Slump

Many people have told me that after doing HSC art they find they cannot get into making art for a lengthy period of time.
I really enjoyed completing my major work and it pushed me to new limits. I discovered talents, which I was not aware I had which was extremely satisfying. Therefore I would not have considered that I could experience this so called slump. Until this moment when I realised I was in that ‘Art Slump’ everyone talks about.
I had started little bits and pieces of drawings and paintings but I was yet to finish them since completing year 12.
I was inspired to start a new little artwork after reading the 69th Issue of Yen, which I am yet to reveal as I have completed about 1/7th of the work. But I am really excited about it.
So I have been drawing quite a bit over the last few days, probably not my best decision considering the amount of work that sits in front of me waiting to be studied for the end of semester exams.
Nevertheless I have no regrets and I am embracing my artistic mood.
So back to the slump, while studying at about 11pm I though back to an art activity I did in year 8 at school. It was so simple yet I loved it and I find myself doodling using the technique quite often.
It is blind contour drawing. I got out my art book closed my eyes and drew continuous line faces for about an hour. It is awesome because each time I opened my eyes I was not sure what I would see, whether the face would appear somewhat realistic or whether it would be completely unrecognisable.
I guess I find my inner Picasso by doing this because the first time this technique was showed to me it reminded me of Picasso's work.
I tend to draw and paint realistically and the totally unrealistic nature of blind contour line drawing helps me step out of my comfort zone.
Back to the point I think doing this little art task helped me out of my ‘Art Slump’ which I was unaware I was in until now.
I highly recommend doing some continuous line or blind doodles as they are pleanty of fun and the results are surprisingly cool. 

Images 1 & 2 - Pages from my Art Book

Monday, 2 June 2014


19th Birthday

My twin sister and I turned 19 on Saturday, and went out in the City with friends on Saturday night to celebrate.
I was spoilt and got lots of lovely presents including; shoes, jewellery, perfume and we cannot forget chocolate.

Lei Lei Black Heals – Betts – Image 1 & 2
Vintage Necklace – Image 3 & 5
Franck Herval Necklace – Image 5 & 6
Heat Perfume – Beyonce – Image 6
Saddle Boots – Easy Steps – Image 8
Safety Pin Nail Polish – Kit – Image 10

Image 11, 12, 13 & 14 – Friends
      Rachael is wearing: Dotti - Skirt, Top and Shoes
I am wearing: Angel Biba - Dress and Lei Lei Black (Betts) - Shoes