Friday, 20 June 2014

Disposable ... yet irreplaceable

Disposable Cameras I & II

Town Houses Paddington   

Found a cute blue garage door in a random Alley in Paddington  

Chained Bikes - I love how the bikes are Green and Yellow and the wall behind them is Lime coloured 

Freshwater Beach 

Walking on the rocks in stormy weather

Summer Surfs

End of the Road

Brother reading in the Sun

Cloud Control - Newport Arms 6.4.14

Dock at Clareville Beach 

I always admire this little house up the street from where I live. It is so cute and as the sunsets it makes cool plant shadows on the garage door. There are chairs and a BBQ on the front deck and the people have chilled gatherings in the Summer. I had one shot on my camera left so I decided to take a photo of it on my way home.

I purchased a box of 6 Disposable Camera's in the Summer Holidays for $30, I have had my first two lots of film printed and I am happy with how they worked out. Its lots of fun playing around with the cameras. 
These are a few of my favourite pictures from my first 2 disposable cameras.