Sunday, 22 March 2015

South East Asia Photo Diary Part 2

Destinations 5 - 9

Destination 5: Vang Vien, Laos
Tuk Tuk Ride & The Blue Lagoon

Destination 6: Sapa, Vietnam
Local Women who helped us trek through the mountains 

Rachael and I on our Sapa Trek 
Scenes from Sapa Town

Destination 7: Halong Bay, Vietnam
Kayaking on Halong Bay as the sunset 
View outside the Caves & Cruising through Halong Bay

Destination 8: Hanoi, Vietnam
Exploring the Streets

Destination 9: Hoi An, Vietnam
Local Markets and Lantern lit streets in Old City 

This trip was one of the most experiences I have ever had, I would highly recommend travelling to South East Asia. There are still so many countries in the region that I am yet to explore. Until then thank you for having me Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos!

P.S. Check out our Travel Blog for more SEA shenanigans.

Lots of Love
Jewel xo

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