Monday, 1 December 2014

What's Being Happening?

Bits & Bobs 1.                                                                  2.
 3.                                                                                  4.
 5.                                                                                  6.
 7.                                                                                  8.
 9.                                                                                  10.
Bits & Bobs Continued...
 11.                                                                                  12.
                                    13.                                                                                  14.

Here are some snapshots of my life over the last month, predominately the last couple of weeks,  since I finished my first year of University. 
Summer has just arrived - the days are getting warmer, the nights longer and I can't wait to see what the next few months has in stall for me.

1. My sister in a stairwell in a small shop in Lura Blue Mountains on our weekend away
2. Mirror Selfie - the light in the mirror reminded me of the Moon and Sun in the house we stayed in, in Katomba 
3. Window reflections on my kitchen floor 
4. Sneeky photo of the clouds in the late afternoon out the back of my work
5. Magazine, Sunglasses, Cap & Water - relaxing on the Beach
6. San Cisco @ the Metro Theatre 
I love taking photos of different types of cool lighting as you may have noticed in these photos 

7. Breakfast - Tea & Pikelets with jam, cream and berries 
8. Banana, Mango & Raspberry Smoothie 
9. Picnic - Continents of our salad sandwiches 
10. Breakfast - Tea, Avocado on toast & fruit
One of my favour things to do as the weather gets warmer, or in fact in any weather is to make yummy meals (mostly breakfast) and eat them in the sunshine, while drinking tea or a smoothie, reading a magazine and listening to music. 

11. Picnic on the Plateau
12. View from our picnic
13. Denim dress & a Rainbow Hat - perfect picnic attire if I do say so myself 
14. Beautiful bags and purses at Newport Markets 
Exploring, having picnics in stunning locations and going to markets are things I love to do all year round especially during the holidays. 

Let me know what you've being up to over the last couple of weeks & what your favourite holiday activities are.

Julia xo

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  1. Oh so many fun picnic foods, the best! Those bags are beautiful too!