Saturday, 10 January 2015

Infected by the Travel Bug

Infected by the Travel Bug

1) Travel Journal - Here
2) Travel Notes Notebook - Here
3) Bracelets my Nanna brought in Vietnam in 2002
4) Canon 700D - Here
5) Sunglasses
6) Passport
7) Travel Brochures
8) Nanna's Photos from Vietnam
9) Sleeping Mask
10) Travel Card
11) Purse
12) Hiking Boots
13) Neck Pillow - Here

In year 9 we had to write a speech on one of a few topics - I chose 'Travel Broadens the mind' I remember starting my speech saying 'Travel broadens the mind, then going to to say well I have no specific evidence of this as I have never travelled.' At that moment the whole class laughed, and afterwards the teacher said to me she liked my use of humor. The whole time I wrote and presented the speech I didn't intend for it to be humorous, I was just expressing how I felt about the importance of Travelling.

Then at 14 I knew I wanted to travel, now at 19 me and my twin sister are embarking on our first overseas adventure without parents.
I'm slightly petrified, but mostly excited. I don't know what to expect but I've learnt the lower the expectations the more amazing the experience because nothing disappoints you.

If like me you want to travel here are a few tips I'll give you to get there... again not that I have much personal experience.

* If you want to go somewhere do it! We had being planning this trip for a few months, flipping through travel brochures but time was getting away. One night I was babysitting and my sister just texted me saying 'I booked our flights we are going for 4 weeks.' After that there is not going back and you force yourself to plan and make the trip happen.
* Get a summer job, I got mine off Gumtree, just work, save, keep in mind how amazing its going to be once your travelling. That will get you through when you question why you are working on a 33degree day that you should be at the beach.
* Set yourself saving goals - I have been putting my tips from waitressing in a jar for the last 6months. I finally saved my enough money to buy my own Canon 700D Digital SLR Camera. Speaking this time from experience there is nothing more satisfying that saving up and buying yourself something amazing.

South East Asia - See you in 9 Days! 

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