Monday, 22 June 2015

The calm after the storm


I would consider myself a sky enthusiast; if there’s a beautiful sunrise or sunset I’ll be watching, you may find me finding shapes in the clouds, and lets not forgot about gazing at the moon and stars whenever there is a clear nights sky.

Over the last few weeks there have been some pretty phenomenal rainbows after the stormy weather. One to note is the rainbow on the 17th of June 2015. If your not sure what I mean, take a squiz at any Sydney siders instagram or news page to feast your eyes on the double rainbow that striped the sky in the late afternoon.

I was driving home from work and did what any sky struck person would do, follow the rainbow. I drove off the main road and ended up at Mona Vale Headland Reserve to admire the rainbow in full. I gazed at the sky, snapping photos for at least 20 minutes as the double rainbow faded and the clouds turned all manner of shades between yellow and blue on the colour spectrum. 

A photographer from channel 9 bdonohoe asked to take some photos of me with my checked umbrella.

I’ll finish on this note: Its moments of happiness that make your day, year and life amazing, allow yourself to watch the sky turn a thousand different shades of orange, blue and pink each morning and night. Take the time to find dinosaurs in the clouds and after you’ve had a little bit of wine watch the stars spine in the sky above. These moments will make you happy and if you take the time you can enjoy them every single day!

Jewel xo

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