Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Disposable ... yet irreplaceable part 2

A collection of Film photos

Eumundi Markets - April 2013

Flying into Sydney - April 2013
My first roll of film - I love the outcome of a mistake when using film. These two photos have merged together to look like one image when in fact I took two separate pictures, and must have done something wrong along the way to create this...

Girls, Mooloolaba Beach - April 2013
My sisters, cousin and I wandered along Mooloolaba beach as the sunset on a mid april evening a couple of years ago. As the sky and water turned shades of indigo, pink and peach I remember discussing the urge we felt to skinny dip and frolick in the water. We ended up giggling, and leaping amongst the waves until it became dark. 

Sunset from my roof
I find myself and my siblings climb on top of our roof quite a bit, there is a lovely view from up there and I love sitting there when the sunsets, or just to think. I remember sitting up there and taking this photo when I found out a family friends dad had passed away. I guess being on top of my home and taking in my suburb from above, being closer to the clouds is settling and comforting in a strange way. I can't really describe the feeling, but if you've ever stood on a roof you may know what I mean. 

 Crisp Winter Drives 

Plendour in the Ass
Departing Splendour in the Grass 2014

Summer Picnics on Edgecliffe Boulevard 

Family Holiday to Moolooloba 
October 2014

Eumundi Markets - October 2014

 Moon Flowers
View from my lower roof as the moon rose into the sky and the sun set 

Grace n' the City 
Grace on our way to Kirribilli Markets

Friends at the Cove - Long Reef
Loved starting out the new year enjoying the sunshine with friends in a secluded area of the beach! 

Friends at the Cove - Long Reef Part.2

I have recently being filing through old film photos from the past few years. I love getting film back, and the excitement it evokes; not know how the photos will turn out, or in fact what you took photos of at all. Each time I flick through film photos I am reminded mostly, of an enjoyable moment in time. 
I really need to put in the effort and arrange my film photos into the scrap book I bought about a year ago...
I also need to invest in a film camera, if anyone has an suggestions of cheap and relatively easy to use cameras please let me know :)

Jewel xo

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